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Funny / The German Risk AAR

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  • Everything.
  • Guderian, von Manstein, and von Kludge are trekking through the desert. This exchange occurs.
    Guderian, decked out in desert gear, shields his face from the affects of the abrasive wind. As the worst of it passed, he reaches down to his canteen and finishes off the last few drops inside, and with a heavy sigh begins his walk again.
    Guderian: Water... water...
    Further back, von Manstein struggles to pull his feet out of the sinking sands. He stumbled a few times before finally getting his footing again. With a sigh he pulls out his canteen and takes a deep draught of the liquid, then suddenly spits it out.
    von Manstein: Blarg! Water! Why me? (he dumps out his canteen and continues his faltering steps) Beer... Beer...
    Trailing behind the other two, von Kludge reaches into his knapsack and pulls out a cold frosty bottle of beer. He brings it to his face and feeling the cool glass touch his windswept cheeks. He looks at the bottle and breaks down crying.
    Von Kludge: Bottle opener… Bottle opener… for the love of god a bottle opener!
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  • Three words.
    Hitler: Hot coco, yummy!
  • Grand Admiral Raeder's Butt-Monkey antics.

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