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Funny / The Deuce

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  • Frankie gets convinced to watch Boys in the Sand:
    Frankie: Lawrence of Arabia, huh? But Lawrence of Arabia with vignettes and fucking ball sacks.
    (storms out of the theatre, disgusted)
    You didn't dig it?
    Frankie: I couldn't follow the plot.
  • In "Nobody Has to Get Hurt", the ending has C.C. being killed by Frankie and Bobby. That's not the funny part. The funny part is when one of Bobby's employees comes in and has this to say after seeing C.C.'s corpse in the most nonchalant tone possible:
    "You guys murdered the fuck outta that motherfucker."
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  • When Bobby's son explains how short-selling stock works, Bobby complains that betting on losses is "un-American".
  • Bobby's ridiculous toupeé in Season 3. It also becomes the target of some fun.