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  • Why can't the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon do their assignment about Heart and Hooves Day as proposed by Diamond?
    “We kind of got banned from all the books in the library involving Hearts and Hooves Day after...well...we kind of love poisoned Big Mac and Cheerilee...” Sweetie Belle pointed out, looking like she was trying to hide behind her mane.
    Diamond Tiara's response was to snap another pencil by biting it to stifle her tongue, eyes twitching like mad.
    • Then they consider Shining Armor and Cadance's wedding:
    “What about the royal wedding?” Sweetie Belle suggested. “Princess Cadence married Shining Armor and we got to be flower fillies, it'd be great!”
    “Uh, we also got invaded by scary, love eating bug ponies,” Scootaloo pointed out, giving a shudder at the memory.
    “Yeah but we get attacked by stuff all the time, how many weddings have we been to?!”
    • In the end Diamond Tiara proposes the founding of Ponyville in spite of the bad experience she has about the event. And when the CMC questions her:
      Diamond Tiara was glad she had pink fur to hide the rather vibrant blush stirring beneath it. “Well this situation is already unbearable, so it's not like it can possibly make this any worse, can it?
      The rich foal found herself instinctively knocking on the desk for some reason.
      The CMC promptly got into a huddle.
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  • For some reason, Scootaloo's aunt is scared by giant squids. Scoot doesn't want to know.

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