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Funny / Superman: Man of Tomorrow

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  • Clark arranges his initial hero outfit, which consists of a vintage aviator's uniform with a blanket crudely tied around his neck. The way he checks himself out in the mirror implies he believes he looks cool.
    • And when he zooms out the window, the cape gets left behind.
    • The reason Clark wanted to wear a cape? Batman made them look cool.
    • During his fight with Lobo, Clark's outfit takes all sorts of damage. By the end of it, he's completely naked.
    Clark: You were right. This is the fun way.
  • When Lois plans her next piece on this new flying man that just appeared in Metropolis, she names him "the Superman". Clark points out that he doesn't call himself that.
    • Lex Luthor asks what the S stands for. Kal-El responds "Superman" in a tone similar to an overworked parent dealing with an inquisitive child.
  • Martian Manhunter finds Earth's films about extraterrestrials lame.
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  • Lois begging Lobo to stop telling her of his sexual conquests. Including demonstrations of positions.
  • Lobo's attempts at flirting with Lois:
    "I'll give ya a bit'o WHAM! BAM! BOOM!"
    • He also licks a window in a lewd manner, not realizing it's electrified.
  • At the end, Superman, Martian Manhunter, and Lobo stand together on the Daily Planet, with the Manhunter mentioning how similar they are. When Lobo tells them he killed all of his, both Supes and J'onn look at each other with worry before Lobo claims he was lying.note 
  • After Lobo leaves at the end, Superman wishes he won't come back.

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