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  • Pretty much everything about the "Freaky Friday" Flip chapters.
    • Even before the chapters start, the Old Man mistakingly using an "under construction" roadsign puppet instead of Sumire after having a crash, until Renge makes him notice and brings the real Sumire.
    • In the first chapter
      • The Old Man is all for playing along with it, but the Mysterious Woman is not. When they come to school, she's silently, yet desperately making it clear to the Old Man that she wants Sakura back.
      • Even funnier is how the Old Man is there trying to convince everyone that Sumire's now in Sakura's body... while the Mysterious Woman shows zero motivation, not even having her hand in Sumire and has to be persuaded by the Old Man to eventually try it. She eventually spends most of the chapter waiting for an opportunity to snatch Sakura.
      • "Sakura" showing hesitation using the men's room. This is despite the fact that he's being controlled by the Old Man. Thoroughly lampshaded by Mizuki.
      • Yamabuki encouraging this new development, believing that it means that the Old Man is on the step to becoming a manly man.
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    • In the second chapter:
      • The Mysterious Woman finally gets into the spirit of making Sumire into a total delinquent, smoking, messy hairstyling and no bra. Guess which one shocks the old man?
      • The teachers pretending that Sumire is an actual girl has always been funny, but its especially funny when "Sumire" goes delinquent and they also treat this fact seriously.
      • Via a wild motorcycle chase, the Mysterious Woman finally separates the Old Man from Sakura...but doesn't realize it until she falls off the motorcycle herself.
    • By the third chapter, just the sheer lack of willpower from both sides make it hilarious.
      • Just in case the reader needed a reminder, Yamabuki shows that she's still at it encouraging this new development. Meanwhile, other girls apart from Sumire's gang oppose a switch-back...because the Old Man performing as Sakura means that he won't barge into the girl's bathroom anymore.
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  • Sumire daring to go into the boys' bathroom during her last day at school.
  • During a fishing contest betwen Sumire and Lex, Sumire gets separated from the Old Man when a huge fish tows Sumire towards open sea. Yamabuki takes no action for a second, thinking that's the chance for the Old Man to stop puppeting Sumire. Seconds later, Lex dives headfirst after fish and puppet. Yamabuki feels ashamed of herself realizing that to the girls Sumire is not a puppet, but really a precious friend. She ponders how "Mr. Lex understands that, and he faces great danger in order to save it." Meanwhile, Lex...

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