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Funny / Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures

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  • The series' rendition of the lightsaber training sequence on the Falcon. Luke doesn't just get stung a few times, the little drone utterly humiliates him.
  • One of the Leia episodes alters the death star escape by Luke having a little too much trouble getting his grappling hook ready.
    • This episode in general portrays Leia getting involved in her own rescue as her venting her frustration on the Empire, to the point that the battle pauses, and everybody on both sides notices.
  • In "Luke vs Imperial Walkers", when Luke cuts open the AT-AT's belly, he cuts his opening right from under an unfortunate snowtrooper.
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  • In any of the shorts featuring the Ewoks in battle, they are always depicted with teeth bared and salivating, making them as horrifying as they are adorable. Also, the brutality of violence the shorts depict the Ewoks cutting lose with is rivaled only by that of Darth Vader.

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