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  • In Princess Leia's short, her role aboard Tantine IV is expanded from her hiding from Storm Troopers and shooting to defend herself to her taking an active role in coordinating the defense of the ship, directing Alderaanian soldiers in battle and even going hand to hand with the Imperial Storm Troopers, kicking one of them to the floor. All while a stirring rendition of the Force Theme plays.
    • Another short has Leia taking charge of her own jailbreak after seeing the talent that has been collected to rescue her. After she takes down several Storm Troopers with a torrent of intense blaster fire, Leia gets a montage of her assorted badassery including leading the Rebels in battle, strangling Jabba the Hutt, and presiding over the celebration of the Death Star's destruction.
    • During her own rescue, she actually takes out four Stormtroopes with one shot: the first was hit square in the chest, as he fell he shot another, who, having been hit at point blank, got thrown in the two behind him, knocking them out. That's when the Stormtroopers, Han, Luke and Chewie stop firing to look at Leia, whose crazed face reveals she's using the chance to take out her frustration about the Empire on the hapless Stormtroopers.
  • In the segments taking place during A New Hope, Luke is very Bishie. That said, every time he feels The Force flowing through him, he is immersed in a blue glow, his hair billowing in a Dramatic Wind, and his eyes grow wide with wonder as the audience is treated to a Hitchcock Zoom. All while a decidedly wondrous version of The Force Theme plays.
    • In one case, we get this effect while Luke is in the midst of the Trench Run, his wingmen out of the fight, R2 damaged, and Darth Vader close on his tail lining up the finishing shot. But Luke isn't worried, he is one with The Force and he is utterly calm. And then Han shows up, attacking Darth Vader and spoiling his attack, leaving Luke to take his shot.
  • Darth Vader shows why he is The Dreaded as he faces off against a force of Alderaanian soldiers, ripping them apart with dismissive ease and easily deflecting a torrent of incoming blaster fire.
    • In another segment, Luke tries his luck against Vader and discovers that he is no match for a Sith Lord. Vader bombards him with telekinetically-thrown debris, and Luke has time for a profound wide-eyed look of fear before he is sent flying out of a window, with Vader leaping out after him to continue the fight. In contrast with most of his other appearances where Vader is an Implacable Man, in this segment he is presented as a Lightning Bruiser, refusing to give Luke even a moment to open up enough space to catch his breath or escape.
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    • Luke's reaction to this unstoppable torrent of attacks? Even as he's forced to retreat, he keeps fighting rather than give up.
  • As awesome as the title character's adventures are in "From Smuggler to General", it takes a special kind of awesome to steal the show from Han Solo. Impressively, that awesomeness is provided for us, in the form of Captain Rex fighting alongside him and Leia at the Battle of Endor!
  • "Jedi vs Sith" is almost a work of art in and of itself. It shows the Skywalker Saga in a series of transitions from young Anakin meeting Qui-Gon all the way to Luke training Rey. One of the best is the one showing Obi-Wan with Anakin on Naboo, promising that he'll become a Jedi. Then they show the two of them growing up as the Naboo evening sky in the window behind them transitions to night, then as they reach their appearances from Revenge of the Sith, the starry sky becomes a starfield as they ignite lightsabers and clash with Count Dooku. Then the background, and Dooku between them, fades to black, and their next clash is against each other as the scene switches to Mustafar with a massive plume of lava, Anakin lost to the Dark Side.
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  • "Rise to Evil" has flashbacks to Palpatine's rise from Senator, to Supreme Chancellor, to Galactic Emperor. It shows just how hard and how long he's worked to achieve his goals, and how patient he was.
  • "Stormtroopers vs. Rebels" is an uninterrupted shot following the path of a stormtrooper through battle, and it reverses Villain Decay by portraying the Stormtroopers as more than just incompetent cannon fodder for the heroes. The ending has a Stormtrooper rushing up a hill while under heavy fire an carrying a flag, a scene that can be reminiscent of Iwo Jima. For once, they get the respect they deserve as the Elite Mooks of the Empire.
  • For the Fortieth anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back, they do a series of scenes from the movie, starting with the Battle of Hoth. It's likely the closest they will come to the fan request of animating the entire films. To top it off, they even use the announcer from Star Wars: The Clone Wars.
  • "Kylo Ren vs. Resistance Rebels" features the eponymous Ren and his Knights absolutely crushing a group of Resistance fighters in battle. Without a word, no less, meaning Ren comes off as less the Psychopathic Manchild of the films and more a living nightmare.

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