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  • The entire section of the manual that Y.T.'s Mother reads, especially the detailed instructions on what the required reading time is...and conclusion that anyone who reads it in the exactly prescribed time is a smartass.
  • Hiro saves the day...and turns the climax into an advertisement for his anti-virus software.
  • Really, anytime someone refers to Reason. The puns and references just get more silly and groan-worthy as the story goes on.
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  • Y.T.'s mental description of the driver of the econobox (i.e. minivan) is a hilariously spot-on caricature of many a late teenage boy. She's got some other pretty funny descriptions of teenage boys and how they think/act, too. Seeing as she's a teenage girl, it's apropos.
  • The entire Deliverator portion of the book is just so ridiculously Cool it's hilarious. It's what would be if Domino's Pizza was run by the Mafia, and the delivery guy was a fusion of James Dean, a Samurai, and Bruce Willis.

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