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Funny / Sita Sings the Blues

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  • "That man must be hard to fell in battle, because what is pain to a man who plays vena with his intestines?"
  • "You still have one last chance, because once (Rama) comes here... you know... your ass is grass."
  • The shadow puppets' discussion of why Sita didn't go back with Hanuman. To paraphrase the end result:
    Short Puppet: But she also wanted the evil king to be defeated, I think-
    Tall Puppet: So why didn't she go back so the evil king wouldn't have a hostage?
    Female Puppet: But it's almost like she's trying to glorify Rama through this whole process-
    Tall Puppet: She was a bloodthirsty woman.
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  • This:
    Rama: Um...h-hey! Sita! How would you like to take, uh, a little trip?
    Sita: But we just got here!
    Rama: That's good! Get packing.


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