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  • Giddy and Sheila's fathers were both killed by sharks. When Estella finds out about Sheila's...
    Estella: I had no idea sharks were so....
    Sheila: Successful?
    • Sheila also mentions that they only ever found a limb of her father and that's what was buried. When Pru talks about her dead father, Estella assumes it was a shark as well. It was a boating accident this time but Pru also mentions that she only ever found a limb of hers too. Estella accidentally bursts out laughing when she hears this.
  • At the end, Estella starts pleasuring her husband on a train. He's clearly enjoying it but the things he's saying.
    "Stop, we'll be arrested...(she keeps going)...we'll be excommunicated"
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  • Giddy tries to stop Sheila and Pru's attempts to corrupt her by swearing "my giblets are pure and wholesome".
  • When the village pub refuses to serve the models. The men that had dated Pru and Sheila the previous night pretend they don't know them. Sheila then proceeds to talk to him loudly about a mole on his ass as revenge.
  • The landlady also won't let them drink inside and the models offer a compromise: they'll drink in the garden. The landlady tries to say it's against the law to serve drinks outside. Estella then fires back "it's against the law to be open on a Sunday". Gilligan Cut to the girls drinking outside.

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