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  • Sougyo no Kotowari following Ichigo out into the world of the Living and dumping water on him when he refuses to wake up early on a weekend.
  • Hakuran practicing his sword pretending to decapitate Hirako.
  • Ichigo responds to the absurdity of his situation with Hakuran by throwing a pencil sharpener at him.
  • Urahara getting so angry that Ichigo disproved years of Visored research that he literally dumps his research out and throws it away.
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  • Benihime and Hakuran meet in chapter 3 and immediately start Volleying Insults.
  • Engetsu introduces himself to Ichigo by appearing out of thin air in the middle of class while Ichigo is taking a drink of water. He spit takes all over his desk in shock to the surprise of everyone around him.
  • Anytime Ichigo and one of his mentors interacts is generally a combination of this, due to their quirky personalities, and Heartwarming.

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