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  • SHINee's mini drama at Mnet. Also, their School Ranking skit.
  • Key imitating Taemin.
  • A lot of moments in SHINee's Hello Baby.
    • SHINee practically getting kidnapped in the first episode. They're ambushed by cameras. They then try to get into their car, but are locked out by the driver who then drives away. So they have get into the other car that the they're being told to get into. Pretty easy to kidnap SHINee, isn't it?
    • Taemin trying to hide behind a tree as soon as they get to their destination.
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    • The other members making Taemin stand in the corner and hold his breath when he can't stop hiccuping.
    • The entire skills test.
    • No one can forget SHINee's unique versions of The Story of Chunhyang and Rich Man, Poor Man.
  • Taeman for President of the Galaxy!!
  • In the mini-series "SHINee's Wonderful Day", Taemin chooses to to Switzerland for his vacation and at one point ends up at a winehouse. Just watch.
  • Jonghyun made a joke, likening his suit costumes for his solo debut stages to different brands of Listerine. Fans got in on the joke and one even spliced a video of one of his stages with a Listerine commercial. Then this happened.
  • They hosted SNL Korea in 2015 and the entire episode is just gold.
  • In their 'One Fine Day' reality show, the members were allowed to go wherever they wanted to for a four day vacation and do whatever they wanted. The entire show is filled with funny moments.
    • Key and Minho were both in London for a day and Key spent most of the day trying to latch onto Minho and Minho spent most of the day trying to avoid him.
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    • Onew in Thailand eating the bread meant for feeding the fish in the beach.
    • Taemin being clueless in general in Switzerland.
    • The members packing before they left for the trip, with Taemin packing a dustbin and Onew packing six packets of Korean spices.
    • Jonghyun hoping he wouldn't get recognized in Japan (a country where SHINee is quite popular) and going to it's most crowded streets only to get recognized by fangirls almost immediately.
    • A bunch of Korean males students chanting 'SHINee!' when they see Jonghyun at Universal Studios Japan.
  • Key, Jonghyun and Onew in a haunted house contrasted with Minho and Taemin in the same house. Just watch
  • Onew hiding behind Minho on their way to a music show recording in order to hide his makeup-free face.
  • Onew trying to do situps in their fourth solo concert and failing miserably.
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  • Whenever the members make fun of Taemin's solo single 'Danger.'
  • Key and Minho pranking Jonghyun by taking weird pictures of him whenever he sleeps in their waiting rooms in music shows. Jonghyun finding out about said pictures from his mother and getting revenge by posting hilarious derp/blackmail pictures of the two on his twitter.
  • During the promotions for "Dream Girl", the members challenged each other to do 100 push ups before their song ended every time they won an award.
  • One of SHINee's infamous commercials was for Ottogi Noodle Snack in 2009, to the point where it was joked about on Saturday Night Live Korea. Then, when Key started making everyone do the dance again, let's just say Jonghyun got a little too carried away with it...

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