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  • In "F-Bombs", Zach drops an entire verse full of words containing the "eff" prefix. It all makes sense on its own, and is quite a F-irey verse. But then, in the second half, he goes back and replaces each and every one with "fuck". Mothereffers becomes motherfuckers, effervescent becomes "fucker-vescent", effigy becomes "fuckigy", and so on.
    • And even "Zack Efron" becomes "Zach Fuckron"!
    • "Haters take your last breath/You'll get an A for fuckort, but your final grade? FUUUUUCK!!" There's just something amusing about that.
  • In "Buddha Worm", Zach takes out two credit cards to scoop up a worm. At the end of the video where he announces he's single? He mentions to the ladies that he has more than one credit card.
  • In "Street Cred", he mentions that, unlike some rappers, he isn't a foolish meathead.
    • And at the end, it's shown that the whole video was just a show he was putting on hoping to impress rappers who are more gangsta than he is.
  • From "Pro/Con":
    AKA my prodigiously-proportioned proboscis
    • Prolonged confetti.
  • "Grit and Grin" involves Zach rapping with his mouth frozen in a smile. It looks and sounds quite odd, to say the least.
    • And then at the end, a passerby is looking at them, clearly in utter awe. But he still encourages them to keep their day job.


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