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  • Blueblood reaction to receiving a visit from something creepily similar to Mr Morden and the Shadows from Babylon 5: running and teleporting all the way to Ponyville and waking up Twilight (who has failed to get a decent amount of sleep in weeks) to ask for help.
    "Twilight! Please, you have to help me! I've turned into such a horrible pony that The Demons are after my soul!"
    • Also, the comment from the Morden equivalent when Blueblood slammed the door on his face:
    "Smart stallion. Never had that reaction before."
    • Spike's "cool new 'Twilight Sparkle, HERO OF EQUESTRIA!' figurine." He's glad Twilight Sparkle doesn't know of it.
    • The description of Twilight's dream before being woke up.
    "Oh, I'm walking on sunshine, ~woooah-a-wooo-oh! I'm walking on sunshine, ~woooah-a-wooo-oh! And I'm feeling real good!" Twilight did her best impression of 'dancing' in the lazy afternoon summer sun, frolicking through verdant fields of amber grass. Why even the sun bobbled and jigged to the beat of her singing as her mentor listened to her. Carefree, and deep within what she knew to be a dream, she bounced her flank and carved a happy path through nearly head-high foliage towards a mighty old gnarled oak tree. And thank Celestia that it was a dream, with the blissful lack of Pinkie Pie that came with the territory.

    Breath whoofed from her lungs as she lazily flopped into the shade of the old tree, rolling to her back. Idle hooves continued to twitch in mid-air to her mental beat, twirling little patterns in the lethargic light. All of it just a relaxing dream at long last, her sleep uninterrupted for once. All just a dream, her world reduced to herself, the midsummer light, the cool bark scratching against the fur of her back, the creepy giant Blueblood-woodpecker...


    "Oh HAY no! Shoo! Shoo! This is my first pleasant lucid dream in the past month, and you are not going to ruin it!" Twilight hopped to her hooves and fired off magic bolts into the canopy to rid herself of her pest. She knew it had to be the obnoxious representation of somepony in the waking world trying to steal her away from her dream, and she was having none of that.

    Rap! Rap! RAP!

    Twilight flinched, ears folding against her head to drown out the noise. Glaring upwards, she had the unfortunate luck to watch as it smugly grinned at her. Before her eyes it began vibrating, fissioning into two, TWO! Blueblood-woodpeckers.

    Rap-RAP! Rap-RAP!

    Twilight looked up once again, seeing to her horror that the creatures had begun to multiply like mad. "Oh no. No-no! Stop that, stop that right now!" A cacophony of noise answered her, mocking her declaration with an unholy racket.


    Twilight's world spun under the noisy assault, making her press her hooves over her ears. Purple eyes widened as one of the abominations flew down and inspected her body. Hooves waved at it, trying to ward it away as the twisted thing hopped closer. It croaked her name in a parody of birdcalls as she stuffed her face under the concealing protection of a leg and prayed that it would leave her be.


    A hard, angular muzzle poked into her soft gut. "Twilight!" Poke! "Twilight! Snap outta it!" POOOOKE!
  • If you know how the Sea Ponies first appeared in G1, this:
    Applejack: "Run fer yer lives! The seaponies are coming; THE SEAPONIES ARE A'COMING!"

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