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Thanks For Waking Me Up

  • In general, just attempting to wake them up, especially Leader and Jungmin.
  • Episode 3:
    Baby: Jungmin!
    Jungmin: Don't call my name in vain!
  • Episode 5:
    • For once, Leader gets to experience how violent Jungmin is if one attempts to wake him up.
      Leader: I was bitten by a horse.
    • After other members cheer about seeing a sunrise at a beach in the next episode.
      Baby: Why are you all so happy? That means we have to wake up even earlier.
  • Episode 7: After so many episodes of comedienne Park Kyunglim waking up them with various methods, members exact revenge on her by waking her up with the respective methods that they hated.
    • When Kyunglim wakes up as a result of Leader's makeover.
      Kyunglim: What are you doing here?
      Leader: Me? I just moved in upstairs.
    • Afterwards, Leader tries to frame the other members only for them to shift all the blame onto him once he and Kyunglim left her room.

Thanks For Raising Me

  • In general, the constant triggering of Kyujong's dog phobia while the members are raising Ddengie.
  • Episode 1:
    • All the members were excited to meet a girl. Some even dressed up for the occasion and Youngsaeng had a bouquet of roses. The girl turned out to be a dog they have to raise, later named Ddeng 10, Ddengie for short.
  • Episode 2:
    • Baby's commentary during the fashion show in which he imitated Andre Kim's voice and keep telling all members except Youngsaeng that they were low class and they should get out.
    • Leader and Youngsaeng's exaggerated explanation for each ingredient they used for their fish stew in the cooking contest.
  • Episode 3:
    • Each of the member's individual CF which parodies a movie scene so they can find an owner for Ddengie.

Intimate Note

  • Their verbal smackdown which also involved then labelmates KARA.
    • Baby throws a mic at Jungmin, saying that he's too old looking. Only Kim Gura laughs at this which caused Jungmin to throw the mic at Gura's feet, yelling that "AHJUSSI IS OLD TOO!"
    • Kyujong recalling an unfortunate incident with a bidet and blaming Leader for not teaching him how to use one.
    • Kyujong remembering another Noodle Incident.
      Kyujong: Last year at Youngsaeng hyung's birthday, I saw something for the first time. Youngsaeng kissing someone. From now on, try having a talk with that person. [Throws mic at Youngsaeng's feet and drags Leader out]
    • Jungmin outing the other members for watching porn which caused Kara to go over to his side while saying that their image of the group changed. The other members also walk away, leaving only the M Cs.
      • Later Baby is outed for watching the most porn. He protests this, claiming that he is an upright person but the other members around him show their disagreement by stepping back.

Music Videos

  • The members having women walk out on them on their respective sets during the music video for A Song Calling For You and their following reactions, especially Jungmin's.

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