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Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies here and all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

  • The Miserly Elf's name changes depending on whether you win or lose. If you win, he is renamed "Sore Loser Elf" or possibly "Cheapskate Elf". Losing results in "Sore Winner Elf" because of how he mocks you.
    Sore Winner Elf: You soooo stupid!
  • Some of the Journal Entries have those moments too, including the writer's reactions on the gameplay mechanics:
    • Describing how Charon takes all his riches before entering the Castle.
      Journal #3: He has even pilfered my private coffers! I have left my wife and children with nothing.
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    • Mocking the attire of dead adventurers.
      Journal #8: Many are missing clothes, which explains the pant-wearing zombies.
    • Trying to force open the door to the throne room.
      Journal #9: I've tried pushing it, kicking it, yelling "Open Sesame," but nothing works.
    • Explaining the game's aversion of Nobody Poops.
      Journal #11: On a side note, I am now using the forest fissure as my own personal lavatory. I wonder if I am pooping into another dimension...
    • Lampshading on item drops from unusual places.
      Journal #12: And within these mushrooms lie chicken legs! Also gold coins, and vials of sparkling water... I broke open a tree trunk earlier, and a bag of money fell out.
    • Remembering how he was focused on his swordsmanship while his brothers were all about books.
      Journal #15: Man, I would love to see my brothers try to out think my sword in their face!
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    • The writer's encounter with Booyan and his comment on him.
      Journal #17: He's sort of an ass. But I guess you can't be picky with your friends in a place like this.
    • After defeating the four guardians.
      Journal #21: After this, the king will honor me for my valor and acknowledge me as rightful successor to the throne!
      Not my faceless siblings!
  • Despite coming on the heels of a tragic scene, there's the final boss having the exact same death screen as you.
  • Some of the Famous Last Words have shades of light-hearted humor from them:
    If at first you don't succeed, die a horrible death and hope that your grandkids are more badass than you.
    It's been 15 minutes and my headlamp still hasn't vanquished this skeleton. I'm beginning to think this isn't working...
    In your darkest moments, always remem- #@*!$@! I TRIPPED ON A SPIKE.

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