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Ro.Te.O moments:

  • Tetsuya calling Raguel "bro", and then discovering that Gabriel and Raguel are brothers.
  • This:
    [Ryou and Kaede] were frozen to the spot with love…even though Ryou shouldn’t have been affected.
  • This too:
    “Luke!” Kira ordered Lucifer as she used a flashbomb to distract the duo of angels. “Use your firepower!”
    “I am!” He was shooting with everything he had.
    “No, I meant fire power! Fire!” she yelled exasperatedly.

Crimson moments:

  • Fuyuki screaming in the haunted house.
  • Fuyuki cutting off the narrator to ask something.
  • Hazuki being nicknamed "the cosplayer" by the script and not even knowing what cosplay is.
  • Momiji's Cloud Cuckoo Lander moments.
  • A small funny moment: Daichi calling Crimson old. (Note: Due to Demonic Possession, Crimson really is old, he just doesn't look his age.)
  • Crimson saying that Daichi's computer was so old even he knew how to use it.


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