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  • In Hearts of Steele, Steele volunteers to test a car for a bomb.
    Steele: I think I can say without fear of repudiation that this car is free of any and all explosive devices.
    Client: Thank you, but...
    Steele: Would you prefer if I...
    Client: Uh, would you?
    Steele: Be delighted. I wonder if I might have a word with Miss Holt for a moment? Excuse me. (whispers) Give me a prayer.
    Laura: What?
    Steele: My mind keeps going blank. All I can think of is "Now I lay me down to sleep," and that's not the one I want in this particular situation.
    Laura: You mean you're not sure there isn't...
    Steele: It has nothing to do with being sure. It has to do with being prepared for any contingency. Now, give me a prayer.
    Laura: "The Lord is my Shep..."
    Steele: Got it. Isn't it funny how you can never think of those things when you really need them?
    • Best part? Though there wasn't a bomb, someone completely re-geared the car so when you threw it into reverse you were actually going into first. Steele has to jump from it as it shoots off a cliff. Prayer: answered.

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