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  • Chapter 12: Amamiya invites Ageha and Hiryuu to her place. A few panels later, they're handcuffed to her chairs and in fear of being cut-up when they discover her stash of swords.
    • Then they learn that to pass her test, they need to touch with with PSI. Ageha unashamedly starts concentrating, begging for the power to touch. Hiryu's expression makes it clear he can understand exactly what's going through his mind without PSI.
      Ageha (thinking): Please God!! Give me the power to touch Amamiya in various places!!
  • Chapter 18: Kabuto earns a compliment from Amamiya and immediately starts flirting with her. Both Ageha and Hiryu grab him and toss him out of the way, telling him not to get cocky.
    • Then, after saying they should leave Oboro behind when he catches the fever and nosebleed, he catches it afterwards and immediately tries to befriend them.
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    • See Oboro's case of Ho Yay.
  • Chapter 20: Ageha provokes Amamiya after she reluctantly agrees to go with their plan. It gets him decked in the face.
  • Chapter 26: Ageha's sister going between being being angry at her brother to being sweet because Oboro was there. He's fine with it since it got him out of being punished for coming home late.
    • The rivalry between Ian and Amamiya over Matsuri (who has turned him down several times). It's hilarious.
    • The introduction of Kagetora, who terrifies the rest of the Drifters... and got turned down by Matsuri 22 times.
  • Chapter 27: Kagetora's failed attempts at trying to cover up that he was a Yakuza, like replacing the fact that a rival gang shot him with an old lady running him over.
  • Chapter 53: Inui mentions that his shadow transfers all its feelings, such as hitting others and crushing their bones, to him for his enjoyment. Immediately after, its hands are cut off by Kyle's powers. Oh, the irony.
  • Chapter 59: When they need to stop the plane, Amamiya suggests just calling in a bomb threat. When they point out that'll get them arrested, she basically makes a face that terrified them while asking "so what?"
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  • Ageha's reaction upon learning that his sister had a baby with Ian.

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