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  • Some of the Video Game Caring Potential animations in World: If you play with a Littleo enough, your Mii will hold her arms out and the toy will jump into them so she can spin it around. If she does it with a Pyroar, the mon is too heavy (and jumps too high) and she ends up being flattened. She can even try to hold Wailord.
  • Some of World's story-mode antics:
    • In particular, when the king sends you to the grand opening of a restaurant, disguised as him, because he couldn't be bothered to go himself. It's run by a nefarious chef who planned to feed the king mind-control waffles, gloats about how he just brainwashed you, and then realises you didn't eat any. He immediately tells you to eat them because they're delicious.
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  • Some of the Miis' actions are comically incongruous with their appearances. Like a Mii dressed up like a wizard who just stands there and lets himself be killed:
    Player: Fly, you fool!
    [Mii is thrown across boss chamber]
    Player: Not what I meant!

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