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  • Jeb has two posters in his room: One is a picture of himself that says "This is me." Another is labelled "Do not eat." with pictures of things in his room and Lil' George.
  • The entire "gay friend" episode. Both the A story and the B story are absolutely hilarious start to finish. Arguably the best episode of the series.
  • In one episode the sign outside the school reads: "Long haired freaky people need not apply".
    • Also "Is our children learning? Yes!"
      • "Science Classes Optional."
  • Jeb. Just Jeb. Anything he does is awesome.
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  • When Lil' George dubs over Lil' Mikey Moore's movie. "Something so fun. So incredibly fun. Something that can only be described as fun fun fun.
  • Melanie. Cause she's a melon.
  • "For todays date you put tomato."
  • What is it about George's diagonal brain that you don't understand?
  • Most of the posters in the cafeteria don't make any sense. Word of God says they were designed by the over seas animators, and weren't changed simply because of how funny they are. Heres what some of them say:
    • "Come See The New School Circus!"
      • "Fish For The Future"
      • "Animals: Love Them"
  • "Crunch crunch, eat a bunch." Pretty much any time George Sr. Talks about crackers.
  • When the Lil' Dems go hunting. "But we can't hurt any animals, that would be mean!"
  • Lil' Hillary and Lil' Pelosi's science fair project: "Dinosaurs: A Feminist Perspective.
  • "These are my thugs, their names are of no consequence to you."

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