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  • Amber and Nay having sex in the bathtub in Side Story #2 is surprisingly funny, especially when Nay slips on the edge during a moment of passion.
  • Tom's mother has some really hilarious lines, but the best one has to be when Tom is sad that Charlie's moving away:
    Tom: (playing guitar and singing) "Sometimes, it's just that nothing seems worth saving, I can't watch her slip away..."
    Mum: (Barging in) Oh, for fuck's sake! Stop angsting and bloody well ask me if we can move to where Charlie's going! Fucking wannabe martyr...
    • It's pretty much followed by a Heartwarming Moment, because Mum is being totally sincere, telling Tom that she doesn't want to live where one of them will be miserable, and that moving to a new place will help Tom get a new start, and Tom in the narration says: "I think it was then I really realised how much I love my Mum."
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  • Jamie and Charlie's side story has the awkward moment where Jamie and Charlie are making out and Jamie discovers that Charlie's breasts are real. And then, Tab's author comment gives us the following gem:
    Go Jamie, you recognise that it’s not your place to ask a trans person about their genitals unless you’re going to be directly involved with them.


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