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Jamie isn't the Jerkass he appears to be
According to Charlie, he isn't. Previous arcs tend to have shown that the characters are more than they seem; therefore, Jamie probably isn't as much of a homophobic Jerkass as we've been led to believe. Also, his interest in art is shown as a redeeming quality.
  • Sub-theory: Jamie is gay or bi and deep in denial, or insecure. This is not good news for Tab.
    • Judging from the beginning of Alex's Story, this appears to be true, given that he and Alex used to make out when they were 9 and it appears Jamie was anally raped when he was younger
    • What does being anally raped have to do with being gay or bi?
      • I'm going to give the previous troper the benefit of the doubt and assume they just didn't think about how that sentence would sound, but there are people who believe that being anally raped as a boy can make you gay.
      • It could lead to intense shame feelings from the abuse that could lead to internalized homophobia, perhaps?
  • Recent event seem to imply he does care for Alex. Violent moodswings?
    • Well, getting decked by the guy who used to be your bestfriend that you've made out with and then tormented for years could do that to you. Also, there's a good chance that the whole thing with Steve, and his relationship with Charlie made him go through some serious character development, making him less of a douche.
      • His Freudian Excuse reveals that, because of how he was raped, he's uncomfortable with male homosexuality. Being raised by a Knight Templar parent probably didn't help him in the long run, either.

Jamie is saving up for art school
Popular theory on the forums. Jamie comments on saving up for something important.
  • Could be an engagment ring or some other big romantic gift for Charlie.
    • Doesn't fit the timeline.
  • According to a recent comic, he's been working to earn his keep at home — his mother charges him rent.

Someone will be killed in Jamie's Story
I don't know who but I am fairly certain someone will die in Jamie's Story.
  • Jossed.
Alex' sexuality
So, right, he says he's not gay, and is seemingly just Tom-o-sexual. But what if it's just that he has a trauma from his childhood and is so ashamed of his attraction to guys he's just mentally blocked it. Also, since (re)discovering his sexuality, he is shown to be looking for porn on the internet, and while he apparently imagines himself and Tom in those situations, it does imply he's not entirely blind to the appeal of other guys.
  • He WAS making out with Jaime when he was younger, and one could easily say that the whole thing with Jaime and his parents when they realized what the two were up to was traumatic enough for Alex to not want to categorize himself as gay.

Jamie knows that Charlie is transgender.
There have been hints that Jamie is actually an Armoured Closet Gay, or at least an Armoured Closet Bisexual: he kissed Alex at least once when they were kids, and Tab has already drawn incentive art of him having sex with Charlie. He could have realized that Charlie was transgender before he asked her out or sometime shortly thereafter; after all, Amber figured it out just by looking at her. As long as no one knows he knows, he can be with the person he wants to be with and go on pretending to be 100% heterosexual.

Jamie is perfectly straight, but homophobic due to being sexually abused as a child
  • Given what we see of his backstory in Alex's story, and what he tells Charlie when she asks what his problem is with Mark and Steve, isn't this pretty much confirmed?
    • The abuse has been confirmed, yes, but I think the "perfectly straight" part has been proven wrong if anything; he's been shown kissing Alex as a child.
    • Maybe he's just Charliesexual? Yes, Jamie has been shown to have made out with Alex but let's not also forget that he's gone the whole hog with numerous girls. However, he never actually had a romantic bond with anyone until he met Charlie. Romantic and physical sexuality are not the same thing, after all.

Nay is a Shout-Out to Nanase from El Goonish Shive.

  • Honestly. When I first read her character bio on this article, I thought there's no way that could not be a Shout-Out, or at least an homage to one of the longest running (semi)queer comics on the net.

Alex is a Grey-A
He fits the label quite well. He's sexually attracted to Tom, and only him. Before him he apparently hadn't felt sexual attraction, though he could have been exaggerating.

Natalie Geln has deep psychological issues of some kind.

What sane person would do that?

  • a Chav, for fairly liberal values of sane... and person

There will be a ninth story that serves as an epilogue, revealing that Natalie Geln and Jamie's mother all got some kind of karmic retribution.
  • Well, Charlie's mother did mention Natalie and her friends are probably going to end up in jail soon enough...
    • Jossed. Tab is ending the comic at Charlie and Jamie's side story.

Steve and his family are all Time Lords.

Need any more be said?

Steve's Dad's name really is Steve's Dad

Alex grows up to be RoboCop

He has a fascination with Transformers, a strong sense of justice and what is right, and he handles situations that well for the most part.


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