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Funny / Journey to the West

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  • Pig's "second marriage" has even the gods throwing out the Schmuck Bait and reeling him in.
  • In one chapter, Sun Wukong and Zhu Bajie fight a giant python demon who swallows Sun Wukong. Who proceeds to "shape him" from inside like a bridge, then like a boat, then adds a "mast" (by stretching his staff in the middle of the serpent's back).
  • In one chapter, the local ruler doesn't like Buddhists so he enslaves anyone that shaves their head like one. Wukong puts them all to sleep and uses insects that eat hair, thereby making everyone in the palace bald.
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  • In one chapter, Wukong and his fellow disciples are stealing offerings from a Taoist temple due to the Taoists in question being pretty petty demons. When the Taoists come back, they stealth themselves and decide to pretend to be Lao Zi and other taoist immortals. When the demon Taoists asked to be beseeched with the Elixir of Life, Wukong instead gives them his piss.
  • When dealing with Lady Earth Flow, Wukong casually suggests that he'll rescue Xuanzang by turning into a fly, sneaking into her belly, and tear her apart from the inside out. Xuanzang is at first horrified by this, but changes his mind in a matter of sentences. At least one translation literally has him saying "Oh, well."
  • The one time that Zhu Bajie drinks from a river and complains of stomach pains afterwards. Then the all-female locals helpfully inform the group that the river water is what allows them to get pregnant in the absence of men...

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