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  • The discussion about the video game.
    You'd get mad points for knocking over a bank.
    You think that's cool?
    Hell yeah. You gotta get paid too.
    Finish your slice and I'll take you back to your father. I gotta talk to him about this game.
  • The effort the cops go through to find out what language the bank robbers seem to be talking. From the hassle of getting a guy to call his Albanian ex-wife, to the ex-wife bartering her translation to get parking tickets cleared, to finding out it's a pre-recorded speech from a dead Communist, the whole sequence is pure New York... and hilarious.
    • Though playing an unidentified language to a crowd of New Yorkers was a pretty good idea.
  • Frazier sarcastically thanking Dalton for life and relationship advice.
    Dalton: Do you love each other? [...] Then money shouldn't really matter.
    Frazier: Thank you, bank robber.
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  • This exchange between the maître d' and Frazier at the end
    Maître d: May I take your hat?
    Frazier: No you may not, get your own.
  • The cops' debate about the semantics of the trick question.
  • This Exchange
    Det. Bill Mitchell: You see, there's just you and one other woman that fit the physical description of the female suspect.
    'Stevie': What's that?
    Det. Bill Mitchell: It's your height, your age, and... um...
    Keith Frazier: Your cup size.
    'Stevie': [smiles sardonically] So, I violated section 34 Double-D? That's what you're telling me?

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