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  • Diana's reaction to finding out her real name is Dawn Budgie.
    Diana: That's a terrible fucking name.
  • The whole fight between Sandy and Diana at her house, which ends with Sandy throwing a waffle iron at the back of Diana's head to knock her down.
    • It's even funnier in the unrated cut, when Sandy subsequently whacks Diana across the face with a guitar after she recovers and continues to try to escape him.
  • This scene, when Skiptracer, Marisol and Julian are being arrested by police.
    Julian: "He shot me!"
    Skiptracer:"You shot me first!"
    Police officer: "Doesn't matter. We're all going down town."
    Julian: "For what? I'm in a trunk!"
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  • Also, when Marisol and Julian were being put in the trunk.
    Julian: "Hey, man, this is some bullshit. If you wanna kill me, you could just kill me right now. I ain't gotta get in this motherfucking trunk."
    (Skiptracer cocks gun)
    Julian: "I'm gonna get in this motherfucking trunk for now."

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