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  • When Tish tells Chance Greg brought her to a fire, he calls in Greg. Greg comes in. Chance punches him out.
    • A few moments later, Chance invites Greg back into the room. He moves towards Greg, who flinches in expectation of getting punched again only to find Chance congratulating him marrying Tish.
  • When Tish mentions that Greg told her about Madame Loo, Chance is understandably concerned.
    Chance: Exactly WHAT did you tell her about Madame Loo?
    Greg: Only that she's 80 years old, weighs 300 pounds and is one of your oldest friends.
    (scene changes and we meet Madame Loo, who looks to be a thirty year old 100 pound lady)
  • "He's ALL mine!" (*gets punched out himself*)
    • "He's ALL mine!" "The wars over."
    • What makes the moment hilarious is the fact that George doesn't miss a beat. The moment Chance calls him off, George just makes a U-turn and goes to join him and the others for a drink.
  • After the brawl in Madame Loo's is over.
    Chance: Let the old den mother buy the drink.
    Greg: I love you mother.
  • The survey team asking Chance and the execs what color they want for there public restrooms.
    Survey Man: So gentleman, which would you prefer? The soft willow green, the lovely royal blue, or the flaming heart red?
    • Throughout, you can see Chance looking around at the other executives and trying his hardest not to burst out laughing at the absurdity.
  • The scene where Tish and Madelyn sneak into Chance and Greg's sleeping quarters. Tish then wakes Greg with a kiss, once he wakes up fully, he's not happy.
    Greg: (after being woke up by a Tish's kiss) What are you doing here?!
    Chance: (awakened by Greg's question) What's Tish doing here?!
    Madelyn: That was my idea.
    Chance: Somebody wake me up!
  • "I am not overwrought! I just damn mad!"
  • Greg and Tish note upon Madelyn's newfound courage.
    Tish: (with a smile) I think we oughta get her a tin hat.