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  • The Plague reiterates some previous information he shared regarding passwords to avoid:
    The Plague: Someone didn't bother reading my carefully prepared memo on commonly-used passwords. Now, then, as I so meticulously pointed out, the four most-used passwords are: love, sex, secret, and...
    The Plague: god. So, would your holiness care to change her password?
    • Made extra-funny because, not long before it, it is mentioned that GOD as a password is connected to the male ego.
    • Also, additionally funny, when Plague mentions the "sex" password, he uses his pen to gesture the thrusting motion.
  • Kate's practical joke to Dade on the first day of school, telling him there's a pool on the roof. He goes up to find a dozen guys there, telling him "wait, wait!" as the door closes and locks behind him. And then it rains.
    • Which leads to Dade's revenge of standing in the school hallway, checking his watch and then opening an umbrella just as the sprinkler system he hacked into goes off. As everyone runs around, a soaking wet Kate walks by and Dade smirks "guess the pool on the roof sprung a leak."
  • Kate and Dade's competition in which they target Agent Gill, with one funny moment being upped by another. First starts with Gill's card being "cancelled" by Kate, a personal ad being hacked by Dade that leads to Gill being frequently called by multiple perverts, Kate then hacking the DMV to give Gill over 100 traffic violations and several tickets leading him to be arrested, and Dade finishing off the montage with a hacking into the FBI's human resources office to virtually kill off Agent Gill.
  • When a number of prison inmates introduce themselves, all of them are addicts. Joey denies being an addict himself, but he's using a cigarette and drinking coffee while doing so. He even asks for more coffee at the end of it.
  • When Phreak is being arrested by the Secret Service, once his mother finds out that he actually did something wrong and the arrest was justified, she starts smacking him as well. In desperation, Phreak cries out, "Arrest me already!" just to get away from her.
  • While Cereal Killer is broadcasting the information that exposes The Plague's plan and everyone else is paying attention to the TV screen, in the background Lord Nikon can be seen stealing a diskette off the top of a computer monitor he's standing next to, and he shoves it into his pants before hugging Kate.
  • In the last scene Kate bemoans the others saying that Dade won their hacking duel. Dade says they didn't, they just let him win because they thought it was the only way he'd get a date.