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  • Rose gets enthusiastic about a ridiculous Cookie-Monster-like coat, only to find it's way over their budget. Blanche says, "They know how to keep dangerous garments off the streets."
  • Fish's snark and wit can be entertaining.
    Fish: How do you say 'bring me sausage and eggs or I'll slit your throat' in Italian?
    Bear: Look it up in the phrase book.
  • Rose is annoyed with Fish, who doesn't (outwardly) return the interest she has in him:
    I shall have twenty cats and talk to them all... My cats and I shall have fish every day for dinner.
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  • "Pipe down, Trixie Belden."
  • "'Watch out for that one,' Father Francis said, referring to Leon. 'He forgets to make coffee.'"
  • Hermes: "Well, you're just a silly baby!" to his new son!

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