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YMMV / Fairytale Novels

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  • Author Tract: The series sometimes edges into this, with a typical villain being a Hollywood Atheist and/or a Straw Feminist.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Blanche being all alone in New York City feeling oppressed by her paranoia of being followed... and it turns out she was right. That's pretty scary for people who are afraid of being by themselves.
    • Rapunzel Let Down is absolutely rampant in some of the worst kind of Adult Fear, such as Hermes getting sexually molested in jail and wanting to die or Raphaela's mom kidnapping Raph's babies.
  • Woobie: Arthur and Ben. Their mother who was very close to them died of cancer, their father was cold to them, they got framed for drug possession, and got kicked them out by their dad, forcing them to be homeless temporarily. Especially Bear when his evil stepmother put the moves on him when he was a teenager and got him in trouble for it.
    • Hermes. Oh man, Hermes. He is repeatedly- and brutally- beaten up on multiple occasions, and is molested in one of them too- and almost flat out raped after one beating when he's captured by the handyman.

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