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  • The live performance of 'Chicken Man' is this. The song itself is pretty ridiculous sounding, though it becomes a lot less funny when one considers its subject; mainly the twins (and the chickens) starving in their cage, waiting for the chicken farmer to come and feed them. However, the song, when seen on stage, doubles back and becomes hilarious again. To elaborate:
    • While performing the song in the live show, the Evelyn playing the drums does so erratically, screaming the words "chicken man" louder and louder, bordering on a mental breakdown, until a stagehand rushes up and placates her with a Twix Bar. She then proceeds to quietly eat her candy, still onstage, while her sister strokes her hair to keep her calm. They then just stand there, sharing the Twix with each other. It's... surreal, to say the least.

  • The way they talk about each other in 'Have You Seen My Sister Evelyn', where they pretend they aren't conjoined, and the other is missing. Listening to them pretend to talk behind each other's backs is hilarious.
    • Especially the choice of words they use. Hearing them refer to each other with words like "floozy" and "ho-bag" is weirdly funny, even if they're just pretending.

  • The Ask Evelyn Evelyn Q&As. Their insistence on alternating every word, coupled with the bizarre, often philosophical or intellectual nature of the questions, makes the entire thing equally hilarious and endearingly awkward.
    • Especially since Amanda and Jason are clearly having trouble keeping a straight face.

  • During the Glasgow gig Jason, who was contributing through Skype, announced, "Amanda... I'm afraid they won't believe we're conjoined twins anymore."
    • The whole event pretty much qualifies, really.

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