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With a stoic on stage, cutey backstage leader, an oldest member who has no brain to mouth filter, an often sleepy and greasy voiced Casanova, an adorkable cutey who laughs like a dolphin, and a blunt and sarcastic maknae that has a burning passion to bully his hyungs, this group was just bound to have lots of funny moments. This is a very stressed troper trying to gather all the funny moments between the members.


  • Jaejoong singing Happy Birthday to a fan. Can be seen as heartwarming at first, but then he suddenly switches language in the middle of the song, and decided to start doing different versions of it - ranging from the original to rock.

  • A classic. Changmin and Jaejoong at an old TV show that has sadly been cancelled. They keep revealing each other's secrets in hopes of getting the other to feel VERY flustered. Jaejoong is unaffected. Changmin? Hehehe...

  • A continuation from above. This is a video of Changmin explaining his specialty in downloading...special...videos. Gets even funnier once he realizes his mother is there on set.

  • Yunho can do something special with his tongue, and Jaejoong can do something special with his back. This is a video showcasing TVXQ's special talents.

  • Besides the obvious UST between the two, the behind the scene footage of Yunho and Jaejoong shooting Dangerous Love was still filled with funny moments.

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  • DBSK v. Super Junior. Eating hot peppers. Su Ju's reaction to the members eating them is pretty funny, considering they were practically crying while eating the peppers, while DBSK decides to go all food critic on the peppers and starts making comments on how the peppers 'smell fruity' and has a 'sweet scent' to it.

  • The members praising each other. The members being all nervous about what the other will say about them is funny, but once it was Yunjae's turn, the nervousness of 'oh my god, what will these two say in praise about each other now?!' just makes this so awesome. Fans' reaction were priceless as well. What were you really expecting with Jaejoong though? Once he gets to talking, he TALKS.

  • This whole show has loads of funny, and heartwarming moments. So just look through them. Special mention in this one, where the members explain about Junsu's...unique...sense of humor that he translates directly from Korean to Japanese.

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  • Go towards the ending part of this vid where they show off their different dancing skills. I've been laughing for ages at this vid.

  • Just look at the TITLE of the video. Junsu being called nothing special by kid. Poor Junsu. Even a kid has started trolling him.

  • Yet another classic. Junsu's reaction to loosing in badminton because of the sun blocking his view. His English is just superb.

  • In general...just Junsu speaking - or at least trying to speak - English. Like this~

  • Changmin has something to confess to Yunho...

  • Perfect Yunho's bowling skills gets described - in detail - by Changmin.

  • Poor Junsu...always getting trolled by the members. It doesn't really matter when it is. He always gets bullied.


  • This. Seriously...why do they keep letting Jaejoong do these things? Don't they know better?

  • Uh...Changmin, WHY?!

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