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Funny / Doctor and Derpy Play Portal 2

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  • Pretty much every five to ten minutes, a conversation along the lines of the following will ensue, and it's funny every time:
    Ditzy: Move, Doctor! You're fat!
    Doctor: I'm not fat!
    • And then the nicknames Ditzy comes up with the Doctor. "Fatlas", after the robot (Atlas) he's playing as; and "Time Lard", after...well, Time Lords.
  • Whenever Ditzy goes Troll and kills the Doctor.
  • Part 2 opens up with the Doctor apparently goosestepping. Judging by his tone when he answers Ditzy when she asks what he's doing, even he's not too sure.
  • The chat goes Shipper on Deck between Ditzy and the Doctor, and Ditzy is oblivious to a lot of it. At one point, someone suggests that the Doctor wants to put his muffin in Ditzy's oven. Ditzy takes it literally and gets confused. The Doctor, who is aware of the innuendo, yells at the chat to get their minds out of the gutter.
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  • Whenever Ditzy gets excited about something, she apparently starts moving her mouse around really fast, as her screen starts shaking up and down like crazy. It's hilarious to watch, especially when she accompanies it with a Squee! or something similar.

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