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  • Chapter 17: Everything Tick Tock says to Starlight Shadow. The purple unicorn is not amused. That was part of Tick Tock's plan, which fails.
  • Chapter 19: The Mane Six have been warped to a Pocket Dimension within the Gryphon Ruins called the Sanctuary of Knowledge, and before they can continue on through, they must pass a series of trials. After the first, we learn that if they do the trials wrong, they can still get though, they can just expect punishment of some kind. The first trial's punishment was, apparently flamethrowers and explosives; the third we're not so sure exactly what happened. The second switches up the mane cast's hair styles and colors randomly:
    • Rainbow ends up with Applejack's
    • Applejack ends up with Rarity's
    • Rarity, with Pinkie Pie's
    • Pinkie, with Twilight's
    • Twilight, with Fluttershy's (she even trips over it)
    • Fluttershy, with Rainbow's
    • Twilight then attempts to fix this, managing to get everypony's hair styles back to normal... but still not getting the colors right, and has to try a second time.
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  • Chapter 23: During the first Doctor Whooves scene, he is visited by Derpy Hooves with a package - the same one she's been trying to deliver to him since Chapter 1 for the past week plus. When he finally looks at it to see who it's for, the package reads "D. Hooves", and when she officially introduces herself to him, he connects the dots. What really sells the scene is Derpy's reaction to realizing it's her muffin that's been in that box for almost two weeks.
    Derpy Hooves: "Oh... oh nooo, my m-m-muffin!"
  • Chapter 24: Rarity, angry that Starlight's group continues to assault her and her friends, calls Starlight Shadow a walking thesaurus. Starlight doesn't miss a beat, and rolls with it:
    Starlight Shadow: Aforesaid frivolous ignominies emanating from a nugatory dotard congruent with yourself are infinitesimally picayune, analogous to an iota of terra firma malingering amidst the amaranthine macrocosm.
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  • Chapter 27: Briarthorn is hitting on Twilight Sparkle who is so completely oblivious to the whole thing as to be almost reality bending. She breaks his brain for a moment, before he bursts out laughing.
  • Also Chapter 27: Rarity manages to get back in her clothes designing groove, to appropriately dress up the cast for a meeting with the Queen of Hope's Point. Her attempts at making Flathoof look "tough" ends up making him into a gay biker. Hilarity Ensues for literally pages.
    • What helps sell it is that, while the more cynical Equestria V ponies can barely breathe due to the hilarity of it all, the Mane 6 (minus Pinkie, who can apparently figure such things out given enough time) can't figure out what's so funny. He looks tough to them.
  • Chapter 30: Three Words: Veiled Insult Jar.

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