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Catch-22 alternates between pure, concentrated CMOF and pure, concentrated Tear Jerker. Sometimes in the same paragraph.

  • The entire description of how Major Major Major Major managed to become a hermit on a military base. And then how Yossarian gets an appointment with him: a flying tackle.
  • Try to read the part with Clevinger's Trial without cracking up.
  • In the first chapter, Yossarian is bored with censoring letters, so he blacks out the entirety of a letter except for the salutation and adds, at the bottom, "I yearn for you tragically" and the name of the army chaplain.
    • The numerous ways he messes with letters are funny such as censoring everything but "a", "an" and "the", or declaring death to all modifiers, there's something hilarious about how petty it all is.
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  • In the second chapter, Yossarian tries to talk to Orr. After the third time their conversation circles around itself, he tries to murder him.
  • Just as Yossarian is about to get thrown out of the sickbay, he's saved by a sudden interruption: the soldier in the bed next to his sits up and shouts, "I SEE EVERYTHING TWICE!" It comes out of nowhere. Furthermore, when the doctor asks him how many fingers he's holding up, the response is always "two" no matter how many fingers the doctor is holding up.
  • When Scheisskopf becomes a general due to Peckem's plans backfiring. "He wants us all to march."
    • Promptly followed by Yossarian protesting by marching backwards.
  • "Où sont les Neigeden d'antan?"
  • The Great Loyalty Oath Crusade is brought to an end by Major — de Coverly demanding:
    Gimme eat. Give EVERYBODY eat.
  • The very last line of the novel, where Yossarian finally goes AWOL, casually dodging another murder attempt by Nately's whore in the process.


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