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  • Most of the humor falls flat, but on the second map, there's a scene in which two parents offer you their 13-year old son for sacrifice. If you opt instead to sent the cruel parents to the pit, there's a short cutscene of the child slyly remarking "It's what they would have wanted." before skipping away. Most players weren't expecting a cutscene for taking a third option, and the unexpectedness makes it hard not to smile.
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  • The ending of the Battle of The Gods expansion. Congratulations, you've won! You've defeated the Undead God and his Skeleton Warriors! But wait! There's a skeleton overlooking your town, laughing! Maybe the Undead God isn't completely defeated? Cut to credits. After the credits, said skeleton is killed in a hail of flaming arrows. Game over.
  • The bug that lets you train your Creature to never shit ever again.


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