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  • Bo's line before he and Dan begin their black ops mission to Japan.
    Bo: Tell your momma I love her.
  • When running across a crumbling bridge, Dan makes the final jump and Bo barely catches him by one hand and struggles to pull him up to safety after which Dan suggests that Bo should work out more. Yes, the big hulking mountain of muscle that is Big Bo definitely needs to hit the gym more often.
  • In Chapter 2, if you take Rachel and Bo as your squad through the first section, Rachel will tell Bo he's tubby, to which Bo indignantly replies that his bulk is muscle, not fat.
    • If you choose both Rachel and Faye as your squad, they will accuse you of being perverted and you have the choice to agree or disagree with them, if you agree Rachel will give you credit for "being honest".
  • End of Chapter 1, after Dan lands in the public bathhouse and meets Charlie:
    Charlie: You know, it's funny, but... my briefing said this was supposed to be a covert operation.
    • And after that if you choose to take Bo and Faye with you, Bo will comments on Faye's... assets.
    • Later, when the crew meets up with the French contingent, they wonder what's taking them so long...before seeing police robot cars wildly chasing a van down a nearby highway.
    Charlie: Am I the only one who understands the meaning of the word "covert?"
  • After throwing down with the Iron Raptor when you're fighting through the sewers, Rachel plants a time bomb on a locked gate. She and Charlie casually walk away and hang off the side of a bridge to avoid the blast, but it takes Dan, Faye, and Bo a moment to realize what's going on before they run for it.
  • The introduction to the train sequence. First is Cain's gallant rescue of Faye, which sends them crashing through the commuter train's skylight. After that, Dan jumps down and discovers that the train is fully booked with plenty of passengers. Dan attempts to calm them down stating that everything is fine and completely under control. They don't buy it and run away screaming.
    • Later, when Faye gets shot on the train sequence, seemingly taking a bullet for Dan. It looks like an arbitrary Killed Off for Real moment for no good reason... but then;
    Dan: Faye! Say something!
    Faye: Dan...
    Dan: ...?
    Faye: ...stop yelling in my ear. It's just a shoulder hit.
  • The scene where Cain withdraws coolly.
  • When fighting the Spider early on, destroying all but one leg will reduce it to hopping around in a truly improbable fashion. Yes, it has an entire new set of animations to account for that. You're supposed to shoot at the central drive unit.
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  • The post-credits scene, in which Dan catches up with Faye, guns down the robots of a US Task Force sent after Faye using a portable gatling, and sends the two US soldiers in the Task Force running with a casual spray of fire at the car they're hiding behind.
  • A good bit of the banter your team makes in the van chase scene, especially this bit:
    Cain: Chance of collision was only 62%!
    Charlie: Only?!

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