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  • Tifa calling Yuffie, who appears to have a hangover, for advice.
  • When Yuffie joins in the Turks' "so-called gossip" about Tifa and Cloud's relationship and any chance that they'll ever get married. The way she mentioned that there's no chance it's gonna work nearly made Rude hopeful for a moment, as if he still has a chance.
  • The way Genesis offer a flower to Cloud not just a sign of forgiveness for being late, but also as a present. Though Cloud would rather have his sunglasses back.
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  • Cloud getting an unexpected First Kiss from Genesis. He was so confused about it that Genesis was a bit surprised because he thought he made his intentions clear through poetry and even flower giving.
    Genesis was always quoting poetry. How was he supposed to tell serenading from the usual impromptu recitals? And he thought the flowers were a joke!
  • When Genesis heard the news from Red XIII that Cloud is going to be taken away in protected custody by the WRO, what does he do once he enters the Edge in order to find Cloud? He sauntered down the street as though he were merely out for an afternoon stroll, while wearing one of Cloud's sunglasses like a movie star.
  • When Cloud dumps water on both Genesis and himself with the Water materia.
    • Then on the second to the last chapter.
    “Come, Cloud Strife. There is work yet to be done. I don’t care to be hunted by the Turks yet again.” He tugged at his torn shirt. The material clung unpleasantly to his skin, glued there by dried blood. “If you have the strength to spare, that Water materia of yours could be useful, too.”
    Cloud sighed. “I’ll be there in a jiffy.”
    Genesis groaned. “Sometimes, you almost have me convinced to take you seriously, then you say something so phenomenally insipid.”
    Cloud responded by dumping half a bathtub’s worth of water over his head.
  • When Genesis wants both of them to find a new place to live, Cloud offers to live with him in his Villa back at Costa Del Sol. It got hilarious.
    Genesis: Dear Goddess, not just a mansion, but ShinRa’s mansion. You’re actually rich. Why, pray tell, were you living in a spare room in a bar running a one-man delivery service when you have a mansion in Costa Del Sol?!
    Cloud: AVALANCHE wanted to help with the rebuilding efforts to begin with. And there was the Church – I wanted to take care of the flowers, for Aeris.
    Genesis: Just when I think I have you figured out Cloud Strife, you throw in some other ludicrous revelation.
    Cloud: Do you want to go to Costa Del Sol or not?
    Genesis: This at least explains the ridiculous extravagance of your custom sword and bike. You’ve been secretly sitting on a fortune this entire time. I’ve changed my answer. I was only after you for your gil.
    Cloud: Right, you can stay in the theatre then, I’ll go live in the beachside mansion.
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  • The return of Cloud's Motion Sickness. Apparently, he's not prepared for flight by one-winged SOLDIER
    Cloud: I think I’m going to throw up
    Genesis: Throw up and I will drop you
  • The part where Cloud questioned Reno about how he know about Cloud's relationship with Genesis when Reno called Genesis "his boyfriend" is hilarious, along with Reno's reaction after that.
    Reno: You mean- You’re seriously- aw hell! That’s a like a fucking bomb waiting to go off, yo!
  • Yuffie's reaction when she heard Tifa saying that Cloud's going to leave with Genesis in the Epilogue.
    Yuffie: Wait, with Genesis? Do you mean… are they like… you know… are they…
    Barret: Yuffie!
    Yuffie: What?! I can’t be the only one who was thinking it!
    Red XIII: Oh. So that’s what Vincent meant.
    Cid: Aw hell, what are you lot, a bunch of teenagers?! Quit gossipin’, you’re embarrassing yourselves.

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