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Funny / Being Meiling

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  • Two words: Drunk Flandre.
  • Special mention has to go to the fake wedding between Marisa and Pameel, though.
  • Despite how creepy Aya's Cirno obsession is, everyone's reactions to it are just gold.
    Drunk!Flandre: You still suck.
    Aya: Not agaaaaain!
  • Meiling beating up a perving Koishi - and being completely unaware of it until she wakes up to a strange girl lying unconscious on the ground.
  • After eight threads of Flandre bugging her sister and Reimu about BABIES!, her reaction to finding Meiling, Yuuka, and Sakuya curled up in bed is hilarious in its contrast.
    Flandre: I'm already trying to visualize how this all worked. And I don't want to, Meiling. I really, really don't want to.

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