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Funny / At the Drive-In

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  • The Lolapalooza 2012 set, which was marred by technical difficulties and forced Cedric to kill time with his many, ahem, comedic stylings.
    • "I would like to dedicate this song to my abuelita, because she is missing her fucking chanclas note ."
    • "This next song is called 'Lopsided' because quite frankly, in these pants, that's the way this shit feels."
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    • "This next song is called 'Technical Difficulties'. From the album 'What The Fuck Happened To My Pedal?'. From the era that brought you cocaine."
    • Cedric going against his usual No-Throwing-Shit-On-Stage policy and requesting that the audience throw him chanclas. He instead gets thrown someone's lunch in tinfoil.
    • "What up Snoop? What up Dre? Fuckin' Hologram Cedric."

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