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Funny / Arc Of Sacrifices

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  • Nearly everything the Weasley twins say or do is either this directly, or the cause of one.
  • When discussing the ritual to free the southern goblins, and Regulus's involvment in it
    • "Potter," [Moody] said slowly. "Regulus Black was also a Death Eater, and he's dead. I understand that you consider the first one no obstacle, but that other should give even you pause."
    • Also during the ritual, the list of titles that the spell pulls out of Harry. "Lucius Malfoy, Dark wizard, Death Eater, truce-dance ally of mine—“ He might have tried to stop what he said next, but the ritual compelled a litany of titles from him, and it slipped out before Harry could stop it. “Smug bastard.”
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  • Honoria tends to bring the funny, but at Woodhouse she crosses it with both Heartwarming and Awesome:
“You are an arrogant son of shit,” Honoria told Cupressus in flawless Latin. Ignifer stared at her. Cupressus and Artemis stared at her. Honoria didn’t appear to care. “Your veins flow with it, far more than mine, Muggle mother and all. I would check your family legacy, and make sure that one of your ancestors didn’t fuck in a cesspit along the way. That’s the only thing that could explain your behavior, unless you have daily meals of shit. I wouldn’t put it past you, blind as you are.” She arched an eyebrow, and Cupressus’s face became smeared with a glamour of feces, looking—and stinking—impressively like the real thing.

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