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  • Marcus bluntly telling Will that he should pay for the meal, "We're poor, you're rich. You pay!"
  • When Marcus manages to get Will to take him and Fiona for lunch, he thinks Fiona looks good because he persuaded her to wear her furry jacket, while Will comments that Fiona "seemed to be in some kind of Yeti costume."
  • Accidentally killing a duck with a loaf of bread.
  • When Will's "friend" Christine tells Will that his life has no meaning and asks him to become Imogene's godfather, Will lists all these reasons that would be a terrible idea, including that when she turned eighteen he'd "probably try and shag her". In disbelief, Christine says she thought Will had Hidden Depths, to which he cheerfully tells her that no, he's always been that shallow.
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  • Will's horrified expression when Marcus and Fiona start playing "Killing Me Softly" and singing along badly to it - he promptly pulls a Screw This, I'm Outta Here!.
    Will: They were killing me. And not so softly, either!
  • When Will and Fiona are driving to Marcus's school to stop him performing in the school talent show and committing social suicide, this exchange happens:
    Fiona: [crying] I mean, he's a special – very, very special boy and he's got a special soul, and I've wounded it.
    Will: Oh, please, just shut up. You're wounding my soul.
  • (Will's voiceover) "No, Marcus, I do not want to come over for Christmas. I do not want to spend Christmas with Ms. Granola Suicide and her spawn."

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