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Funny / A Fine Mess

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  • (Trying to defend the art item they bought at the auction instead of the piano)
    Wayne 'Turnip' Parragella (Richard Mulligan): It's a real Art Deco!
    Tony Pazzo (Paul Sorvino): Never heard of the bum! (Shoots gun.)
  • The name Pazzo is Italian for "crazy."
  • When "Binky" and "Turnip" are cornered in a house by the police, Binky decides to use Turnip as a distraction by giving him a dose of the horse drug. Turnip ends up rocketing out of the house at an inhuman speed, then just before the credits is shown to have run all the way to South America where Spence is filming a movie.
    (panting) "I knew I should have stopped running... in Brazil."

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