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Fridge Horror

  • There's the scene at the very end of the OVA, in which it is shown almost in passing how Manatsu and Kai's shards are reunited with the mirror from which they were derived. It seems innocent enough, until you realize it depicts the moment in which they finally lose their individuality. In other words: It's the moment they die.
  • Also, the series ends with a shot of an unknown European girl, and it is strongly insinuated that she will be the next person to be put on trial by Saya. Which may sound like a mere sequel hook or a "and it never stops" moment at first. However, technically, she will end up with the same options as Ichika: kill mankind or kill herself. And then it's the next girl's turn. And the next. Kind of makes you wonder how long Ichika and her friends will be able to live after the series' end.


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