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     Fridge Brilliance 
  • Addapearle refuses to take Dorothy home because it involves "transporting a minor across state lines." At first this sounds like a quip, but in the books, Oz is NOT in a far distant magical dimension. It really is a magically protected region within the "real world" that is blocked off from the rest of the world by a magic desert that kills anything that tries to cross it. The Wiz actually recalls flying his balloon over this desert in the play, and if Addapearle witnessed this, then she had a perfectly good reason to expect the Wiz to help Dorothy across.
  • In the 2015 version, it would seem all the witches are dressed according to their corresponding point of the map and it's element:
    • Addapearle (North) corresponds to winter and water, and so wears blue and white.
    • Glinda (South) corresponds to the summer and fire, and so wears a yellow dress that resembles the sun.
    • Evilene (West) corresponds to metal and fall and wears a dress that seems to look almost metallic with wires attached to her shoulders and crown. Appropriate given she runs a factory in both the film and live version.
    • Evamean (East): While we never see her, one can only guess that Evamean would have been dressed in something that resemble spring and wood.

    Fridge Logic 
  • In the movie, Dorothy repeatedly Fails a Taxi, who don't take black passengers. But if everyone in Oz is black, then who do the taxis drive around?
    • That could be the point. Whenever the taxis are approached (or even just walked by) they quickly drive away. The taxis of Oz don't drive anyone.

    Fridge Horror 
  • Evilene, in the 2015 version, is hinted to be both a cannibal and a child-killer. She threatens to eat Dorothy right before she's melted and earlier, she mentions that handling Dorothy "isn't her first time running a nursery", implying some poor child(ren) have faced her evil before.

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