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The musical

  • After Dorothy melts Evillene, Dorothy and the witch's other slaves and prisoners proclaim their freedom with the beautifully joyous "A Brand New Day". During The '70s, this song struck an especially strong chord for viewers longing for and/or working towards equal rights between Americans of different races.
  • Dorothy admits to the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, and the Cowardly Lion that she doesn't mind that no one told her right away that she could use the Silver Shoes to go home, because if she did leave Oz so early, she would have never become friends with the three of them, nor helped them find what they wanted.
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  • Dorothy finishes the song "Home" by reinforcing the strength of her friendship with her companions from Oz:
    "Living here in this brand new world might be a fantasy, but it taught me to love! So, it's real! It's so real to me!
    And I learned that we must look inside our hearts to find a world so full of love, like yours, like mine, like...home!!!!!!!!!!"note 


The movie

  • Dorothy's assurance to her friends that they had brains, heart, and courage all along demonstrates how strongly the group all appreciates one another - Dorothy expresses her gratefulness for the guys' help and support, and the guys value her gratitude to the extent that they don't need placebos to realize that they have what they wanted.

The TV special

  • After Glinda reveals that Dorothy always had the power to go home, Dorothy asks if she means that the Silver Shoes grant her the power. Glinda corrects Dorothy by clarifying that the young woman has the power within herself, and that the Shoes will only take her home if she believes in herself.
  • Before Dorothy makes her promise to someday return to Oz, she asks the guys to remember her fondly until her return, and shares hugs and kisses with them as they assure her that they will.
    Dorothy: (to the Cowardly Lion) "Promise you'll remember me?" (to the Tin Man) "Keep me in your heart." (to Scarecrow) "Let me now and then come to mind." (to all three) "Maybe, just maybe, if I hold on to these Shoes, they'll lead me back to you someday!"
    Tin Man: "Please try."
    Dorothy: "I will. But right now, I think I hear Aunt Em callin'."


  • This video of Broadway-Dorothy Stephanie Mills figuratively Passing the Torch to TV-Dorothy Shanice Williams, via an Awesome Duet of "Home".
  • This photo of a little African-American girl watching Glinda sing "Believe in Yourself" in the NBC special, hash-tagged #representationmatters. Glinda's actress, Uzo Aduba, even Liked/Favorited someone's re-post of the photo.

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