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Fridge / The Rhythm and Roots of Arthur

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Fridge Horror:

  • More of a Fridge Tear Jerker, but the bag that Buster brought with him is lost during the road trip to Great-Uncle Theo's farm, and even by the end of the special, he still hasn't gotten it back. While Buster does mention that his gift for Ryder was inside the bag, it obviously would also have contained at least some of his personal belongings, all of which he has now lost. Also, eating the things inside the bag was probably not very good for that raccoon's health...
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  • Ryder allows Buster to hold a snake he was keeping, and he drops the snake when he gets startled. While Ryder does chide him for dropping it, he never mentions the reason snakes shouldn't be dropped, that being that the fall could fatally injure them, meaning that snake might not have lived much longer after it slithered away...


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