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Fridge BrillianceSum 41 career's is very similar to Green Day's career.

  • Slappy Hours —> Rock Out With Your Cock Out
    • Both are technically demo tapes that are very hard to come across, rough quality.
  • Kerplunk —> Half Hour of Power
    • Often forgotten (or chosen to be forgotten), came out before their breakout album, contains a song that's from a later work (for Green Day it's 'Welcome to Paradise, which was rerecorded for Dookie, for Sum it's 'Makes No Difference', which was rerecorded for All The Good Shit.)
  • Dookie —> All Killer, No Filler
    • Both bands' breakout albums, put them in the spotlight. Similar fun feel.
  • Insomniac —> Does This Look Infected?
    • Came out after their breakout album, both regarded and criticized as being as Darker and Edgier than its predecessor.
  • Nimrod —> Chuck
    • Both are very underrated albums, where both artists experimented with different genres. Although Sum didn't have a real breakout single from that album, 'Pieces' could be 'Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)' in that they are both well known songs that definitely different sounding than the rest of their discography.
  • Warning —> Underclass Hero
    • Both albums try out different genres of music, both of which include the use of acoustic guitar. They are also both political as well, and both have themes of being an underdog.
  • American Idiot —> Screaming Bloody Murder
    • Both have big sounds, and have songs that, when listened to in order, tell a story. Both are Darker and Edgier.
  • Revolution Radio —> 13 Voices
    • Both are comeback albums, and deal with the struggle of the lead singers' alcoholism. ('Still Breathing' can be compared to 'War,' 'Bang Bang' can be compared to 'Fake My Own Death.')

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