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What happens you put four crazy boys in a band? Some pretty hilarious stuff, actually.

  • "A.N.I.C." Really, everything about it: the fact that it's just 40 seconds of Deryck screaming obscenities, making i clear that he really doesn't like this person, to it's complete randomness amongst the rest of the album, to the reveal that it's just about how they find Anna Nicole Smith annoying.
    • During the "Sake Bombs and Happy Endings" tour, Deryck announces to the crowd that they were going to play their "one and only love song" (Justified, because they really didn't have any at the time), only to go into playing "A.N.I.C."
    • The censored version is a brilliant bit of unintentional hilarity, just in it's sheer pointlessness. It almost feels like a self-aware joke about how profane the original is, to the point that it might as well have just been an instrumental.
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  • From the "Makes No Difference" music video and "The Adventures of Sum 41" video, them robbing a pizza store with pantyhose on their heads and Nerf water guns in their hands.
  • Steve's description of himself:
    • From the same video, the host of some show gives all the band members math questions, which equal 41. When Cone is asked this question, well...
    Host: What is 38 plus 3?
    Woman Out in the Audience: 69!
    Cone: *quietly* 69. *beat* *smugly* Fourty-one.
  • The entire sketch at the beginning of the "Still Waiting" music video.
    Will Sasso: You like it? It's great. IT'S. GREEEAT.
  • The whole music video for "The Hell Song".
    • The fact that, since Sum 41 dolls don't exist, the director taped pictures of the band's faces on the dolls.
  • Sum 41 MTV Campus Invasion
    • The band member's introductions.
    Cone: My name's Cone.
    • Dave's introduction.
    Dave: My name is Dave Brownsound. I came out of my mom and I was brown, and I make sound with my guitar, I guess.
    • Steve spelling out the sign outside to say "Anus Invasion" and changing their band name to "Sum F4rtie 1".
      • American Hi-Fi ends up becoming "E Ca Hi."
    • When Steve gets caught by a cop changing the sign, this gem occurs.
    Cop: What's your favorite swear word?
    Steve: Fu- f#####' cops.
    • Cone's description of Deryck contradicts itself so much it's hilarious.
    Cone: Always looking to pick up girls... sometimes he doesn't shower for two or three days straight, don't tell him I said that.
    • Dave's opinion on people who don't watch porn.
    Dave: You're lying to yourself. Stop. Lying.
  • When the boys go to McDonald's, and Deryck drinks the Coca-Cola straight from the fountain.
  • Deryck and Steve talking about how hot Beyonce is, and start singing 'Survivor' in falsetto voices with the [[Mondegreen wrong lyrics.]] Unsurprisingly, they were all drunk at the time.
    Cone: I don't think they're hot.
    Deryck and Steve: Woah, what!?
    Cone: I just don't think they're hot!
  • Steve and Cone's exchange- especially Steve's side, and how it keeps going from that to Steve and Cone messing around.
    Steve: Well look out Cone, cuz lemme tell ya... RED ALERT!
    • Cone in general in that scene. It looks like he was held at gunpoint to say those lines!
  • The Making of the "Still Waiting" Music Video
    • Any time Dave opens his mouth is just pure gold.
    Dave: I tend to agree with him, we're losers. I, especially am a loser. And, uh, I'm not very proud. I'm seeking counseling... ah, actually, I fall under the category of [[Gonk "Fat Loser,"]] and, uh... I will rectify this situation with my plaid shirt and plaid *unintelligible word*.
  • The Making of "In Too Deep" Music Video
    Steve: Now, this could only happen in TV land, because... *points to chest, which is not ripped at all*
    *Steve and Cone laugh*
    Cone: I can't even dive!
    • And then, right after that part...
    Dave: *points to the jocks in Speedos* These are all my boyfriends... [[Dissimile no, not really.]]
    • He says that in the deadest of deadpan voices!
    • This gem by Dave:
    Dave: I think my stunt double signed autographs today, cuz everybody thought he was me.
    • Towards the end of the video, Steve reveals his desire to eat to Mexican food.
    Steve: But, I really wanna know what it feels like to go over there, and eat Mexican food, but they won't let me *beat* so fuck them.
  • Sum 41: Jammed
    • The bit at the beginning when Steve opens Cone's door, only to reveal that Cone is in the middle of brushing his teeth. Cone then spits his toothpaste on the floor.
    • Steve opens the blinds in his hotel room, and greets the city they're in. Deryck's reaction to this is priceless.
    • The whole first part of the episode has the group going around and trying to annoy as many people as possible. How do they accomplish this? By having Cone walking around playing an accordion, and Deryck making shriek sounds with a megaphone.
    Deryck: *makes a shrieking sound with the megaphone* Oh, oh, I'm sorry. *it happens again*
    • Cone doing the little march with his accordion is just too adorable.
    • The gang walking around, with their "Pain For Pleasure" wigs on, and baseball caps on top of that.
    • "Beats from another planet, everyone!"
    • The whole part with the guys in their "Pain For Pleasure" personas, playing famous metal songs, and even "Pain For Pleasure" acoustically.
    • Trusting Cone with the Title Drop at the very end.
    Cone: Boston's just been Jammed. *slight wink, smirk*
  • Sum 41 Invade Davos
    • When the band is in the store to get clothes, Cone is seen looking at something. The camera pans to a white and pink, obviously for females, coat.
    • Deryck's really, umm... interesting moment:
    Deryck: Cone would look the best, in like, hot pants or something.
    Cone: I'm like chocolate, I go straight to yo' ass. *throws card behind him, and then looks at the camera with a "WTF?" look on his face*
  • Sum 41 Exposed
    • When Steve goes missing, the boys attempt to track him down by asking random people on the street, "Have you seen this man?" while pointing to the covers of "All Killer No Filler" and "Half Hour of Power."
    • When talking about what kind of cake they should get Steve for his birthday, given he's a vegan, Cone awkwardly butts in, saying, "Vanilla cake's, the best cake." No one seems to care, and continues talking.
    • Deryck named a song "Food" on "Does This Look Infected?" (before it became "No Brains") because he was hungry, and he wanted food. His nonchalant way of saying this bit is the kicker.
  • This bit, courtesy of Steve:
    Steve: We'd like to say that we're smallest band in rock, and you'd think, like, "Well, who's the tallest man?", you'd say, 6"1. But then you'd say, "Oh, you've obviously got a big guy," and we're like, "Actually, he weighs, like, eighty pounds."

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