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  • Fan Community Nickname: Skumfuks. And before that, it was The Goon Platoon.
  • The Pete Best: They had a string of bass guitarists before they found Cone. One of them, Mark Spicoluk, would later play with Avril Lavigne. They also had a string of vocalists come and go before Deryck (who was initially lead guitarists) decided to take over.
  • Permanent Placeholder: The vocal counterpoint on "Still Waiting" ("So am I down") were intended as dummy lyrics, as Deryck felt they were too bland to fit the rest of the song. However, he decided that they sounded better within the context of the rest of the song and that anything more complicated would have made the lyrics too bloated, so it was left as is.
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  • Record Producer: Greig Nori served as their producer up to Chuck (except for All Killer No Filler, produced by Jerry Finn). Starting with Underclass Hero, Deryck took the responsibility himself, allegedly because any other producer they tried working with could not record the songs in the way he imagined them.
  • Throw It In!: During the making of music video for Pieces, Deryck walks across various trucks that spot slogans such as "The perfect family", "The perfect body" or "The perfect night". At the end of the video, he himself is in one such truck that reads "The perfect life is wating for you". Then the F in life falls off, changing the line to "The perfect lie is wating for you". While this was an accident, they decided to leave it there, as they thought if fit the mood of the song.
  • What Could Have Been: When "Summer" was re-recorded for All Killer, No Filler, the band proposed recording a new version for every album as a joke, but quickly decided it wasn't worth it.


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